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How Your Mind &
Body Communicate

The Conscious &
Subconscious Mind

It is now widely accepted that by the time we are seven years of age, 90% of all the learning and knowledge we will have in our lifetime has been absorbed. We will have learned to walk, talk, think, and have many of the coping skills required for survival. It is this programming that will influence whether we will succeed in life's endeavours or not.

During this time frame we will also develop the beliefs that we have. Beliefs around success, relationships, body image, and who we are in the world are developed within that key first seven years. We can equate this time as a time where we are receiving and being programmed. Programmed to be successful or fail, programmed to like ourselves or not, programmed to live a happy and carefree life or not.

So what if your mental programming is wrong or not what you want it to be?

Research has shown that it takes 21 days of continuous reprogramming to change an old habit. Quitting smoking is an example of this cycle. Most people can quit smoking once they have had a period where they have not smoked. Given this, only conscious effort will change this programming. This conscious effort must include reprogramming of the subconscious mind where all the programming we have is stored.

Most individuals learn by a cycle of continuous repetition. This is how we learn to memorize the alphabet or how to do mathematics through repetition. It is this same cycle of repetition into our subconscious mind that will allow us to change our programming.

Unfortunately most of us do not know how to reprogram the subconscious mind

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How Your Mind & Body Communicate

To understand how positive re-enforcement works, let us first take a look at how our body and mind communicate, and how our conscious and subconscious function.

Scientific studies have proven that the human mind is an internal and an external sensory monitoring system, which functions electronically. Internally, our entire bodily functions are controlled subconsciously and automatically through the nervous system, including blood flow, digestions, organ functioning, viral and infectious control, cell communication, and healing of cuts. Simultaneously, our external monitoring system is equipped to sense vibrations of light, touch, taste, smell and sound.

The human body is connected to the mind (sensory monitoring system) via the nervous system, which flows throughout the tree of life (or spinal cord) and, like the seed with wisdom or the animal with instinct, the body knows how to communicate with its controller. Massive communication and control are handled systematically and simultaneously by the subconscious mind, designed to keep us functioning perfectly.

A study of physics indicates that there is light at the centre of every atom and that there is movement in all substance. Movement creates vibration; therefore, the sense of touch is merely picking up a substance vibration and by electric impulse relaying it to the brain via the nervous system.

Our tongue is equipped with highly sensitive nerve endings that send taste sensations to the brain from anything it touches.

Aromas are given off by the movement in a substance and the nerve endings in the nose pick them up and send them via electric impulse to the brain.

Likewise, the retina of the eye, with its 126.3 million rods and cones (fibrous material), transmits lights sensations to the brain by electric impulse through the optic nerve.

The ear is also a sound vibration receiver and converts the vibrated sound to electric impulses and sends them to the brain.

Everything on this earth has its equal and opposite; we live in the universe, yet there is a vast universe within us and although we live in consciousness (awareness), we are directed by the information we've allowed and accepted into our subconscious.

Remember, during internal sensory monitoring, our conscious mind is very busy thinking of no more than one thought at any spit second of time. The ability of the subconscious mind is unlimited, however, handling one hundred million messages every second of our lives through our internal and external sensory monitoring systems. The mind, with the nervous system, is truly a miraculous communication network.

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The Conscious & Subconscious Mind

Let us look at how our conscious and subconscious mind work together to allow us to grow, develop and create our life.

Our conscious mind is our "awareness" it is our communication centre. It thinks, reasons, calculates, plans, directs all actions of the body, determines results and makes decisions. It is creative, it registers pain, fear, happiness and it sets goals (both long-term and very short-term goals). In order for the conscious mind to be able to do all of these things, it must have a place to pull information from - a storage area.

The subconscious mind is our data storage bank. When our conscious mind asks, our subconscious mind gives.

"Nothing will happen to change your life until
you consciously step in and start to work with the
subconscious mind, otherwise, you will continue
in the same pattern you have built up" - Mildred Mann

The subconscious mind takes in everything we learn and experience in our lifetime. It begins at birth (some say before birth), soaking up information like a sponge, accumulating data as we grow and experience life. It also begins forming beliefs based on what we learn and what we experience, which determines how we react to everything in our life.

These beliefs gain both strength and momentum the older we become. The subconscious mind does not make choices; it accepts everything, good and bad, positive and negative.

The conscious mind, however, does make choices, almost every minute of our lives. Since everything has its equal and opposite such as day has night, love has hate, prosperity has poverty and on and on, our lives are a matter of choice, our conscious choice.

All these conscious choices are made with the information we have amassed in our subconscious mind over our lifetime. The simple conclusion is that if we are dissatisfied with anything in our lives, we must do something that will work at adding, altering, or changing those beliefs in our subconscious mind....for the quality of your life is directly related to the quality.

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